Sunday, September 10, 2023

Khorne Berzerker

 Another attempt at painting a grimdark style 40K mini in one weekend - this time a happy Khorne Berzerker collecting skulls.

Base coats were done in zenithal layers of Tamiya black, purple, and red, then the entire mini was given an overall filter of Tamiya clear red. After that, I gave it an overall wash of Secret Weapon black red wash, then painted all the bronze gilding and misc. details in Vallejo. 

I then applied several red/brown oil washes to the entire mini and added the verdigris effect with dry pigment mixed with an oil wash. Once that cured, I gave him some additional weathering using AK/Mig enamels. I also used this mini as an experiment in doing old caked gore around the chainaxe. This was done by applying thick layers of de-oiled dark brown and dark red oil paints for the older gore and then using a sparing amount of bright red and brown oils, directly from the tube, to simulate more fresh gore. 

This was a fun mini to paint and a real departure from my usual work. I wanted him to look like he'd fought thousands of years of brutal campaigns for the Chaos Gods. If you want to paint your own, the model is available on Cults:

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