Sunday, September 10, 2023

1/56 scale Borgward Wanze

 I haven't done many vehicles for WW2 gaming in a few months, so I decided to print up a few in order to try out different print settings, as well as painting techniques.

First up is this Borgward Wanze I got off Cults. Even though it said it was scaled for 28mm, it was rather small, so this is the reprint I did at about 105% scale. Realistically, it probably too large but looks just right next to Warlord minis.

This was also the first time I've done dedicated pre-shading with an airbrush and I rather like the effect, though it tends to get a little lost after applying my usual oil and enamel weathering techniques and is going to require some refinement. Base colors are done in Tamiya, with the odd detail picked out in Vallejo. I admit I was a little sloppy with the sponge chipping and that makes it seem a little cartoonish.

It's a really odd AFV and not great in tabletop gaming, so will likely never be included in anything other than my Battle of Berlin force, but it made for a quick project.

You can grab the stl file here:

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