Thursday, November 30, 2023

Star Wars Legion A-A5 Speeder Truck

 Latest build is complete (and finished just in time for FineScale Modeler Magazine's #BAMM contest) - a Star Wars Legion A-A5 Speeder Truck.

I was really skeptical about this kit when I first purchased it because the Legion kits are kind of hit and miss and this has a fairly high price point, but I have to admit I was proven wrong. The quality of this kit is very nice, especially the well-detailed crew compartment (which sadly is very hard to see when complete) and cockpit. Assembly is fairly straightforward, though joining the multiple hull pieces requires a lot of rubber bands and patience.

I plan to use this for my Scum and Villainy force, so I painted it the resemble a Black Sun crime syndicate vehicle. As such, I was inspired by the "narco tanks" of drug cartels, which are fairly drab in their outside appearance, often being black or grey, usually to try to be a little inconspicuous. I primed and preshaded with an airbrush. This is mostly painted in Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics.

Weathering is done using oils primarily, though fuel stain on the upper hull are done using AK enamels. This is also the first time I've using oils in an airbrush, in order to get the exhaust staining, and I have to say I'm a full convert! The effect was easier to achieve than with a dry blending, as I'd done previously.

And this thing is a beast, being over 8" in length and 4" in height, it just barely fits in my photo tent.

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