Thursday, May 25, 2023

1/144 scale HGUC Zaku II "Grim"

 (Still adjusting to photographing white properly, so please bear with me)

Finished this 1/144 scale HGUC High Mobility Zaku II mech in March and never got around to posting it until now. This is assembled out of the box and painted using Vallejo, AK Interactive, and TurboDork acrylics. Decals are a combination of Bandai, Warlord Games, and Dream Pod 9.

The Grim Reaper shield art is done entirely freehand. I used a pencil to sketch the rough outline, painted that in using a brush, and then did the lining with a micron pigment pen. Weathering was done using oil paints.

I really enjoyed assembling and painting this kit.  

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