Tuesday, February 28, 2023

1/48 Bandai AT-ST Mk2

 This is my converted Bandai AT-ST in 1/48 (for modelers) or Star Wars Legion scale (for gamers). Started this build around December 2021 and finally finished it up.

I based this on artwork by Ukitakumuki on DeviantArt done for the Star Wars Galaxies card game. My headcanon is that this is an upgraded version of the base AT-ST incorporating features learned after the battle of Endor, allowing the walker to work more independently for longer periods of time, in a seek-and-destroy role.

I reinforced the inner thighs with plasticard and greeblies, added grabirons to the rear to allow easier crew access with wire, up-armored the sides of the chin with plasticard sheet, added additional detailing to the rear of the head with greeblies, a long-range antenna from a 1/100 M113, pintle mounted blaster from plasticard and a 1/35 MG34, and a combat commander using the head and arms from a Legion Occupier tank figure, torso and lower legs from a Legion LAAT pilot, and legs from a Tamiya Luftwaffe pilot. The rear of the head is removable to install a watch battery that powers the interior LED (difficult to see using my light box).

It was painted using Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics and the chipping effects are done by hand. I then applied an overall oil filter of Payne's Grey to blend the colors and tone down the metal chips. Once that was fully cured, I weathered it using oils and AK Interactive enamels.

I really enjoyed this build and highly recommend picking this model up, even for use in gaming. Once mounted on a clear base, it's very stable.


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