Saturday, January 14, 2023


 Here is my heavily modified Rebel AT-RT. This is a Star Wars Legion model in 1/48 scale that's not a terribly great kit (poor fit, soft plastic, lack of detail) so I decided to spice it up a bit. I swapped the rider head with a head from the Inferno Squad and added a new control panel, trigger buttons to the grips, and a completely new pedal arrangement. I cut off the rear section and replaced it with wire antenna aerials, plasticard supports, and kitbashed details. I filled in the gaps between the engine piping, added more plasticard detail to the leg joint ends, and added a new power cable for the underslung blaster. I up-armored the front with plasticard and added a clear acetate 'windshield'.

The AT itself is painted using hairspray chipping. Unfortunately, I grabbed Tamiya Buff, instead of Tamiya Light Grey and didn't realize until I'd finished the chipping process! Panel accents were done in Tamiya Orange, hydraulics in AK Gunmetal, and the barrel scorching was done in my usual fashion. I weathered it using a combination of AK enamel washes and Secret Weapon/Reaper acrylic washes. The exhaust mainfold rust was achieved by hand chipping in metallics and reds/oranges, washing in acrylic Purple ink, and then dryblending in some Rust Red oil paint.
The rider itself was done using zenithal priming and glazing, with the exception of his skin, which was done using Vallejo Basic Skintone, Salmon Rose, & Grey Blue. His pants are much too blue! I wasn't paying attention and applied unthinned acrylic ink to it on the 3rd coat, so had a '40-year Old Virgin' "Now your pants are blue" moment! Oh well, happy accidents.

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