Monday, November 22, 2021

1/48 scale Citroen CV11

(EDIT: I noticed the tide marks on the tires and above the windshield as I was editing these photos. They've since been cleaned up.)
Tamiya 1/48 Citroen 11CV in Luftwaffe service, Berlin
Well, this was my first ever Tamiya kit and I'm legitimately blown away by how easy it was to assemble and how nicely it looks finished - so much so I picked up the 1/48 Kubelwagen last week!
This build is straight out of the box, with the exception of the license decals. As its scaled perfectly with 28mm figures, I wanted this to represent a vehicle for my Battle of Berlin army and needed the 300 series. The car is painted overall in Tamiya Field Blue - with a few drops of Tamiya Neutral Grey to tone the blue down - with detailed painting done with Vallejo acrylics. Unfortunately, you can't see the interior in the photos, but that is well detailed, fully painted to represent brown leather seating, and weathered.
As this is a staff car, weathering was lighter than what I normally do, mostly consisting of oil pin washes, some acrylic dried mud spatter (Secret Weapon Caked Dirt is perfect for this effect), and AK enamels to represent petrol spills and the rusty muffler.
Definitely my most enjoyable build of 2021 so far.


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