Saturday, April 3, 2021

1/56 scale Italeri/Warlord FlammHetzer

Continuing with the recent cavalcade of AFVs, this is the completed Italeri/WG 1/56 scale FlammHetzer. To date, this was the most rewarding tanks I've assembled from Warlord. The detailing is very accurate (with the exception of the driver's vision slit being a little too big) and the subject matter is really unique. My only gripe was that, normally, small portions of the hull need to be cut away to insert the pins for the side skirts - a process that's laborious and can easily lead to a mistake. To make mine more realistic, each section apart and I cut the pins off the back of each bracket. While this does make the skirts more fragile, it looks better overall.

Since this will be paired with the Rubicon Sdkfz 250 on the gaming table, I went with a similar color scheme of hard-edged Tamiya Buff/Yellow-Green, Red Brown, and Flat Green. Since I didn't have access to my hairspray at the time, I did all the chipping and worn paint effects with a brush. Washes and filters were done with oil paints and mud spatter effects were done with acrylics. 

This is also somewhat of a departure from my normal builds in that I refused to put virtually any stowage on. I really just wanted the vehicle itself to be the main focus. 


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