Friday, January 19, 2018

Redemptionist Encampment Necromunda Board

We're about 60 days out from Adepticon 2018 and I was finally able to fully complete one entire board. Most of what I've been working on has been used and re-used for the tournaments and events over the past 8-9 years and was pretty beat up and a lot of it was just a mish-mash of random pieces that I'd completed at different times, so they didn't exactly meld together properly when put on the table. As such, I wanted to go back and fix what I could, re-purpose what I couldn't, and combine them all into one coherent table. For this table, I chose a Redemptionist encampment theme. As the crusades pass through various domes and settlements, they'll often stop for a bit, cleanse the area of heresy, and exact some tithing from the locals. I really wanted this to look like a settlement where the Redemption has just recently settled in for what would likely be a few cycles. As such, there's a lot of religious graffiti and iconography but it hasn't become too out of control....yet. I also wanted a strong color theme throughout that evoked the furor of the Redemption, so I went with an orange-red rust color throughout, as well as picking out many pieces for some bright red paint schemes. As many of these pieces are re-purposed, I'll try to link to the older posts so you can see the changes below. 

"Alright, Arch Zealot - show us around the place!"

First are the entrance gate, settlement fence, tithing kiosk, and pilgrimage pulpit. Most of this was simply repainted for the table with some very minor additions. Unfortunately, during a loan to another person, they had lost several of the original pieces.

My (and apparently everyone else's) favorite piece is the Redemptionist Chapel and its "gospel" board. Initially, this had a small side shed and gibbet. The gibbet was re-used on another piece below and I removed the shed in favor of a large Promethium tank. After all, all those flamers require a lot of refills! Other than that, I just did some repainting on this piece.

The "Sin Tank" and weapons store. These were two pieces that had parts swapped between them, initially the store had the water tank but both proved to be very fragile and broke almost completely after last year's events. As such, I lowered the height of the water tower in an attempt to make it more durable and focused the theme of the other structure on weapons sales. The Sin Tank is sort of like a sensory deprivation cell that sinners and heretics can be imprisoned and, if unrepentant, lowered into the sewers below.

The pipe shelters. Really just something I threw together at the VERY last minute in 2013, these pieces did grow on me more as years went on - they're cheap, easy to make, and present a host of opportunities during play. Most of the work on these were expanding the platforms on top and repainting the pipes themselves to give them a more concrete look.

The Yellow Pulpit and ruined Chapel. Really not much new on these besides repainting - the chapel received more highlights to make it pop, whereas the Pulpit got a wash of Tamiya Dark Yellow wash to tone down the brightness, as well as some suitable graffiti. I held off on graffiti for the Chapel because even the most hardcore Redemptionist would defile holy ground!

The classic Necromunda towers. Probably the least changed of all the pieces here, since they were the first custom pieces I had ever made. Not bad for being 10 years old, right? Mostly just some washes, chipping, and jewel effects for buttons and screens.

Lastly, the "Blue" Tower - with the color scheme, this structure does stand out and I really wanted it to. It being tall, blue, and yellow; I wanted to give the impression that maybe...just maybe, the Redemption had taken in the wrong town. After all, who dwells at the top? And in what ways will he change it? Really the only thing new here was the addition of the crane and ladder to make it more accessible during play.

And, here's the finished settlement of Royston Vasey. You'll never leave!


Badaab said...

Fantastic! Some of these ideas are certainly worth borrowing for my own board!

Carmine said...

"Here is the entrance into the sewer - into which we do not pass solids..."

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One of the best things I've seen on the web for absolutely ages! You need a local shop there, for local people.