Tuesday, January 9, 2018

No One Expects The Emperor's Holy Inquisition

Tremble before the fires of vengeance, all ye heretics, for an agent of the Emperor's Holy Ordos reveals himself!

One of my resolutions for the new year was to start setting aside 4-6 figures every month to work on. I have a fairly sizable backlog of unpainted or partially completed figures and models sitting in boxes and it seems like such a waste to buy more when they remain unfinished. I'm going to attempt to do this in addition to other projects that I'm working on, as I think that about 5 miniatures every month should have me completing most of the backlog before 2019. So, back in December, I dug through the lead pile and pulled this Ordos Hereticus team together - the Ratling was new, the familiar, redemptor, and sage had been stripped, and the Inquisitor I had painted about 8 years ago and never really liked how he turned out. Once completed, I mounted them on custom bases and here they are!

Inquisitor Alfonse Wojnik - Not much is known of Wojnik's life before he was taken into the Schola after being found as an orphan in the Underhive of one of the lesser hives on Necromunda. It became apparent earlier on, however, that the young man had an aptitude for rooting out possible corruption amongst his peers and even Schola staff members - incidents which led to his quiet disappearance. He would return to his homeworld decades later, inveigling himself in Hive Primus' Arbites garrison, from which he continues to perform the holiest of the Emperor's work.

Jonas, Redemptor Deacon - Much to the Arbites' consternation, Wojnik decided upon including a full-fledged Deacon of the Redemption Cult in his strike team. Unlike his brethren however, Jonas has some level of self control over his violent zealotry. His customized flamer rig - said to be styled on that of Klovis the Redeemer - has proven a valuable asset when dealing with large mobs of heretics and mutants. 

Index Prohibitorum & Familiar - Wherever Wojnik goes, this secretive red book accompanies him. Exactly what knowledge it holds is unknown, though the Inquisitor seems to gain some innate knowledge of the enemies he is currently facing from it. How this is possible is also unknown. The familiar who carries it is unnamed and, though it never speaks, is rumored to whisper in Wojnik's ear when things seem most dire.

Martus Palimp, Sage - Formerly a scrivener for House Ulanti, Martus has recently found his way into the Inquisitor's employ due to his cybernetic cortex, capable of enhanced his cognitive abilities seven-fold. Though powerless to do anything, Ulanti claims that he is their property and was stolen from them. Though he often finds himself in mortal danger, Martus prefers the company of Wojnik to that of his former employers.

Hamish, Ratling Sniper - The only member of the team not from Necromunda, Hamish was originally a sniper in an Armageddon Guard regiment. Familiar with hive architecture and combat conditions, Wojnik has found his skills invaluable, especially in the confined passages of the Underhive. In addition to his martial prowess, Hamish is also a good cook and tends to have food on his person at all times - something the team has appreciated while out in the field.


tim said...

Fantastic! Love the models and their background!

Pawn Cocktail said...

Awesome brush-work! I especially like the light-sourcing effect on the Redemptionist. A really nice bunch of Inquisitorial agents, each unique, but gelling visually as a team.