Monday, February 12, 2018

Necromunda Freight Hub - Container Loader

In the process of building a Freight Hub table for Necromunda, I realized that - while I have a lot of Munitorium Containers - I don't have anything to load or unload them. Not wanting to spend $50 on a GW loader, I hit up some of the old toys my son used to play with. This is a plastic Erector-style building set where you can build a couple different construction vehicles. I think it's called Caterpillar Max Builder or something like that. Mostly this is straight out of the box with the addition of a skull crane and stack from the Sector Mechanicus kit and a Land Raider engine, as well as some granny grating to cover some of the windows and vehicle walkway. Though a little large, this does work well as a piece of terrain.

As for painting, this won't win any awards. I did the priming and yellow undercoat with spray paints and weathered with acrylics. 


CJ Kilbride said...

Kids toys work the best for some terrain elements XD

Codsticker said...

That works perfectly. Very nice rust effect.