Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Fast & Furious Gaslands Commission #2

Two years ago I did a rather large commission for a client using the slightly larger 1/60 scale Fast & Furious cars as a base. The same client approached me again to do another team using similar cars i roughly the same style and I was happy to oblige. With the exception of the Halo buggy and Maisto rig, these are Mattel's larger F&F branded cars which make a nice basis for conversion.

As with last time, these cars were fully disassembled, stripped of paint, and converted using plasticard and bits. This time the client used Anvil Industry's fantastic set of Gaslands bitz which, after dealing with the poorly cast Ramshackle bitz from last time was a welcome relief. Painting and weathering are the same as the last project (a black base with rust and bare steel chipping effects) but the client asked for something to make these "pop", so they don't get mixed up with the older vehicles, so I decided to add turqouise blue to offset the orange rust (a very popular combination in marketing the last few years, especially movie posters).

And that's about all there is - a pretty straightforward project with the most time-consuming process being paint stripping.


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Afrika Korps AB41 & Kettenkrad

 So, way back in spring of last year, I completed a small DAK force for Adepticon and I've been ever so slowly adding to it since then. Recently, I completed two AB41s (which I plan to proxy as Sdkfz 222s) and a Kettenkrad. These were painted in the same custom mix of Tamiya acrylics I'd used on both the Panzers and SPAA truck, with details done in Vallejo acrylics. Decals are from I-94 and Warlord with oil final weathering done in oils. The "dusty" effects on tires and tracks was done by adding saturating an oil wash with dry pigments in the palette. After application, the solvent evaporates leaving behind a chalky finish, which is simply wiped down to remove it from higher areas.

This is Warlord's superb little Kettenkrad. The driver's olivegrun fatigues are a little too green in comparison to the infantry I had painted prior, but I'm OK with it. I'll use this as a tow for my captured French light howitzer.

Warlord's excellent resin and metal AB41 - these are the second and third I've built and painted (the first being the one I did for my Italian Paracadutisti) and they're pretty good 1/56 versions, if lacking in some details. The first pictured here is a generic version I plan to sell, the second is the one I plan to use personally. In real life, it appears that the DAK never used these armoured cars, however their use was very common in Italy and the Balkans. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Gaslands Misc. Vehicles

To finish off this week's series of completed Gaslands vehicles from my workbench, here are the last miscellaneous ones that just didn't fit into 'cars' or 'trucks' - a gyrocopter, 2 buggies, and 2 tractors.

Matchbox Tractor Plow with armor plates, 'teeth', running boards, and new exhaust/smoke dispensers

Matchbox Tractor Shovel with armor plates, gun ports, and stowage

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Buggy with a 'suicide seat', pintle-mounted MG, and wheel swap

Greenlight 'Rat Rod' (that came as a set with the flatbed truck) with skull, caged roof, and spare tire cover added

Hot Wheels Sky Fi (this is probably my favorite vehicle of the entire batch) with a GW flying base 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Gaslands Cars

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Gaslands trucks post, here are my completed cars. These are painted and weathered in the same way as the trucks. Taken in total, I like this batch the most - just a lot of unique looking cars.

The "Dia De Muertos" car - pretty much a stock Hot Wheels Baja Shaker with new wheels and stowage

A Hot Wheels car that was apparently a McDonald's exclusive back in the day, with rear wheels switched out and nitro canisters added

Hot Wheels Aristo Rat, again with wheels changed

Hot Wheels Fast and Furious Offroad Charger with a pintle-mounted MG added (the barrel unfortunately broke just as I took the picture!)

Hot Wheels Spectyte with wheels changed

Hot Wheels '57 Roadster (stock)

Hot Wheels Payback with a wheel switch, nitro tanks, and rear bumper added

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Gaslands Trucks

 Over the next few days, I'll be posting some 1/64 scale vehicles for Gaslands. These were actually completely painted last year, all that was left was the weathering, but with COVID and the move, they didn't get finished until now. Better late than never. 

I really just wanted a plain paint scheme that I could quickly complete in a week or two, so I went with plain black with dark grey "damage" and some various accent colors. The most involved painting was doing the gem effect on the armored truck below. For decals, I just used whatever was at hand and looked good. Unfortunately, since many of the decal sheets were old, there was a lot of silvering throughout. Sometimes that just happens. Weathering was pretty straightforward - some passes with the airbrush over lower chassis for dust and some application of Vallejo mud.

Group shot to start with:

Matchbox excavator truck with the excavator removed and replaced with a Katyusha MRL

Matchbox armoured truck with a M113 flamethrower turret added

Matchbox Land Rover with an M113 minigun turret added

An incredibly old Hot Wheels Jeepster (from when I was a kid) with a ram and mortar 

Greenlight flatbed truck with stowage and armor plating