Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We're Moving And Making Room!

Well, it's been all of 5 years since I've played a game of 40K and, while I'm not ready to part with everything 40K (mostly because I could use it in Inquisimunda), I do have to par down some of my collection before we make the move to our first house. As such, the following items are for sale. Most of these are painted to a Good/Very Good Tabletop Standard (3-color minimum) and come from a pet-/smoke-free home.

Prices listed do not include postage. Also open to trades for FOW Shermans, Lees, Grants, Panzer 38(t) and Armoured Trains (German or Polish) OR Bolt Action rulebook/28mm ww2 stuff.

If interested, send me an email

Flames of War GE060 Panther D (new in blister) - $10

Solid Resin 15mm buildings (2 smaller buildings are repainted and flocked) - $10 for all 3

Eldar Guardian Squad (12 Guardians) with Dragon Forge Resin Bases (2x 60mm, 2x Flying Bases, 3x 40mm, 1x 25mm) - $25

Ork Shoota Mob (17x Shoota Boyz, 2x Big Shoota Boyz, 1x Nob) - $20

Ork Slugga Mob & Trukk (11x Boyz & 1x Nob custom-assembled to look like hunters & trappers, custom-made Trukk built on GW Trukk chassis) - $25

Horus Heresy books and Necromunda Junktion book - SOLD

Skorcha Wagon/Trukk (built from the frame of a GW Space Marine Rhino) - SOLD

Ork Trukk (scratchbuilt on GW Trukk chassis, removable gunner) - SOLD

Ork Lobbas x3 (scratchbuilt) - SOLD

Grot Mob (22x Grots, Ork Handler, Squig) -  SOLD

Ork Rokkit Buggies (custom-made from Ork bikes, bitz, and plasticard) - SOLD

Loota Mob (10x Lootas) - SOLD

MegaNobz Mob (6x OOP metal MegaNobz w/ Kombi-shootas) - SOLD

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dawn of the Jet Age: 15mm Me262 & Me163

To round out my current work on some Late Late War German Tankhunters, here are the Tamiya Me163 and Me262 assembled and painted. I really enjoyed assembling and painting these models and hope that Tamiya offers further aircraft kits in this scale for WW2 (I'd especially like to see a US P-38 Lightning or P-61 Black Widow). I've included a comparison pic with AIM's Early War Stuka.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Road to Adepticon 2015: 15mm Lumber Camp - 100% Complete!

The lumber camp is finally complete and I'm pretty pleased with the results considering the amount of time it took (work being done mostly on weeknights or during my son's naptimes over this past month). The entire complex, if not spread out, occupies around 2 sq. ft. - somewhere between a 1/4" and 1/3" of a table space. Considering it really only needs some roads and large tracts of woods, the size is "just right" for FOW.

I weathered the exterior wood surfaces using artist's inks in cool grey, sepia, and some very watered-down india ink black. I then drybrushed vertically (in most cases, perpendicular to the woodgrain) with pure white, with the dual outcome of the wood looking "streaked" and making the edges "pop". The tin roofs were basepainted a dark brown, then got multiple washes of rust red, and finally received a liberal dose of dry pigments.

The broken down truck behind the maintenance shed is a Zvezda ZIS-5 model with the wheels and cargo bed left off. The lumber mill's saw track is N gauge track with the ties removed, the attendant log cart is made from basswood and an N gauge riail "truck" with the actual wheels removed (it rests on the plastic hubcaps - for lack of a better term). The wooden barrels scattered throughout are available from Khurasan Miniatures. Timber piles were made by collecting sticks of various diameters and species, cutting them in roughly 1.5" lengths, and then stacking them haphazardly. I made the lumber stacks with basswood offcuts.

This lumber camp will be used to represent the Karelia Region of Finland/Russia in the FOW: Recon In Force tournament for Adepticon 2015. I should have used my Russians for size comparisons but instead grabbed some Early War Krauts!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Koshka ubiytsy Zimoy, Winter 1944

I took a little break from making terrain to finish up some minis. I'd always wanted to add some assault guns to the Soviet Tankovy Battalion I finished a couple years ago but have been unwilling to spend the cash to buy them. Recently, I came across a good deal and bought them....then promptly realized I had lost the paint color chart I used for the prior minis! Instead I decided to try my luck at whitewash winter camo in an attempt to make the pantone difference a little less noticeable. 

These are the first 15mm minis I've done in awhile that do not have an oil wash and/or pigment weathering done to them. I assembled, cleaned, and then primed them all in pure white. I then added "chips" of the base Soviet green color with a dry sponge, adding the running whitewash effect with a 00 brush. I then painted all the details and colored all the reserve fuel tanks Soviet green to show how often they had been handled or replaced. I then gave the entire mini a wash of grey and did "dirt" weathering with my airbrush.

Though they aren't perfect, I'm satisfied for an initial try on whitewash camo. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

15mm Lumber Camp WIP #2

A follow-up to my previous WIP post on the 15mm Lumber Camp terrain set. From the left, it's a small bunkhouse, the mill, and a maintenance shed. Not pictured (because they were half finished at the time) are the log and lumber pile linear obstacles. All that's left is a quick ink weathering of the exterior wood surfaces, some spot painting (mostly the tin roofs and bases), and flocking. 

Also, here's a sneak peek of two underscale HO factories I'll be working on once the lumber camp is complete.