Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jagdpanther Kampfgruppe

As soon as Nachtjager was announced, I've been working on this little KG focused around three Jagdpanthers. JPs and Wirbelwinds are BF minis, Halftracks are PSC. 

The Jagdpanthers are the second production line BF made, having resin hulls and plastic tracks/accessories. I converted these to Late Production Jagdpanthers by adding PSC Panther G exhaust fans, mufflers, and ridged front fenders. I used GS to sculpt the reinforced glacis plates, as well as some stowage. The umbrellas on the command JP are made from GS, using an archival photo as inspiration (scroll to the bottom).

The Wirbelwinds and halftracks are pretty much stock, except for some tarps I sculpted from GS. I also added a plastic ladder from a Faller HO kit and some metal BF guns to the Sdkfz 251s.

Painting is my usuall (new) Dunkelgelb mix, with soft-edged camouflage of VMC German Camo Brown and German Camo Green. The Jagdpanthers have a somewhat different look as I tried to drybrush a little DG over the finished camo scheme, like the camo paint had been worn down from the crew climbing on the tank and the Zimmerit flaking away.

"Just Stalkin' Shermans In The Rain...."

Monday, June 22, 2015

Panther Reinforcements

Added an additional three tanks to my Panther force, so that I now have a complete company. For the most part these are stock BF Panther miniatures, except for the "012" Panther Ausf. G to which I added anti-aircraft armor over the turret and engine deck. This was actually really easy to do - I simply used .40" plasticard cut to shape.

These are painted with the same new Dunkelgelb mixture I used on the Stuka Zu Fuss conversion earlier in the month, with Red Primer and German Camo Green hard-edged camouflage patterns.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Italians @ Malta, 1942: AB41 & Semovente 75/18

AFV reinforcements for my Italians @ Malta, 1942. I'm actually really proud with how these turned out, as they are my first 28mm vehicles since 40K several years ago and my first real-life military model vehicles since my teens. 

Both are from Warlord with a little bit of cosmetic improvements made from plasticard. The AB41 wass lacking a fuel cap on the left hull, the horns over the right front wheel, the flag poles over the front fenders (actually two pushpins), the large retracable antenna array on the left hull (made from plasticard and brass rod), the muzzle for the co-axial MG, the manual start screw cover on the rear hull, and the muffler needed a curved exhaust. 

The Semovente was pretty darn close. It only needed the torsion idlers (?) in front of the rear return wheels, horizontal latches on the top hatches, the tow hook/license plate/safety reflectors on the rear hull, and an antenna (from guitar wire). I also filed down the mufflers and added "pinched" exhausts. The Breda AA MG is made from an old Heavy Gear gun with plasticard barrels.

Both vehicles are airbrush painted in overall Testors Acryl Sandgelb - a nice color that's not a drab tan and not a true Dunkelgelb. The Semovente has soft-edge camo streaks of Testors Acryl Olivgrun. The Italian flag on the AB41 is done by masking and painting with an airbrush. Decals are an assortment from my decal "bits" box.

Both vehicles were finished with oil dot weathering. After ruining the FOW Konigstiger I was also working on, I found out that for years I've been using turpentine which is too harsh and melts the sealant. Finally switched to turpenOID on these and the difference in control is remarkable. I then applied some clay-colored dry pigments to mimic the soil on my Italian infantry bases.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Luftwaffe 88mm Battery

This unit probably takes highest honors for "amount of time sitting on my workbench half-complete". I've been working on it in sporadically since before our move, something like building it around August of 2014 or so. It's long overdue, considering I've needed this unit in various incarnations from my Early War Mittlere Panzer Kompanie right up through my Late War StuG Batterie, so that's at least a couple of years' time.

Minis are Battlefront mounted on special lengthened plasticard bases to accommodate the unlimbered Flak37s. After reading Erhard Raus' excellent book Panzer Operations, I wanted these guns to look like they had been quickly brought up to the front to deal with heavy Allied AFVs, like the KV-1. 

These are painted using my usual Testors Acryl Panzershweregrau with a little bit of Royal Blue craft paint added. I know this is a little too blue for some modelers but I really like how this color pops at this scale. I wouldn't use this same ratio in 28mm. The Flak37s are soft-edged camouflaged using Testors Lichtolive. Details are painted using Vallejo acrylics.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Starting Up A Local Gaming Group

Just a quick post for today to let you know I've started another local gaming group since I've moved in November. This group is open to any tabletop gamers (miniature, RPG, board & card games) in McHenry County and surrounding areas of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

You can follow us at the Facebook group below:

Eventually, I'd like to arrange some tournaments and events and will update the blog with those dates as well (for those of you who don't use Facebook).