Monday, January 7, 2013

Layin' Some Pipe!

Wwwwooooo....2013's first post!

I had some extra PVC pipe that I'd garbage-picked this summer and figured I'd add another project for the queue (even though I was working on my Golden Gear entries, finishing some EW Somuas, painting my KG Bake Panthers, as well as finally getting around to starting my experimental Tankovy Company!). Luckily, these were very quick to finish - some scrap 1/8" MDF pieces for bases, gravel rubble, leftover bits, and some plasticard ladders/stairs.

A coat of primer, some airbrush work, weathering pigments and now my 28mm figs have some concrete pipe sections to battle over.


styx said...

Nice work! Just proof you can do anything with junk!

Scotty Kahn said...

Great looking stuff! looks extremely playable as well. Nice!