Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Crashed Aquila Lander

Battle of Macragge was a pretty awesome starter set for 40K, even it was a little underwhelming. Though I don't have the rest of the set anymore, I did keep the excellent crashed Aquila Lander terrain pieces, which tend to get a lot of use in skirmish level games. My initial paintjob wasn't fantastic and, after several years making the Adepticon rounds, it was looking a little worse for wear, so I decided to give it a repaint.

I went with a Reaper Dark Elf skin purple for the exterior and Vallejo Olive Green for the interior. I also used various decals for both the old Imperial Guard and Cadian transfer sheets. I then did some little wear around the damaged pieces and airbrushed some Territorial Beige and Khaki for the churned-up ground.

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CJ Kilbride said...

This and the stuff in the 3rd edition starter were excellent scatter terrain. I wish they kept up the tradition.