Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ork Shantytown: Completed Shanties

In addition to the alien foliage I completed back in November, I also finished up these Orky shanties for the Ork Shantytown table for Adepticon 2018. Many of you would ask - "how do Orks get into the Hive?" - and the answer would be doz sneakee Kommando gitz who need a base of Orkerations. They're Boyz N Da Hive.

Like the foliage, these are all based on old CDs, consisting of poster foamboard and cardboard superstructures wrapped in cereal box cardboard "skrap armor" panels. The metal roofs are corrugated cardboard (the smallest corrugation, called "E type") and the platform roofs are thick plasticard. The doors, windows, and glyphs are all resin casts, made from masters that I assembled with plasticard. Random other gubbinz are sourced from a variety of different plastic models including a Space Marine missile rack, Tau railgun, 1/56 scale panzer turret, Dust tactics figure base, and Syberclicks tanks.

These are painted using a variety of craft paints - some brushed on and some airbrushed on. The "dusty" weathering effect on horizontal surfaces was achieved by "scrubbing" the surface with a very drybrush of the base colors. Rusty and metallic chipping was achieved with a sponge. Weathering was done using Vallejo European Dirt wash, which does a good job of providing a quick and dirty look, while also toning down the very bright colors.

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Dutch_Law said...

I like the 'sign' on the side of one of your buildings - it's that kind of detail that brings a whole different perspective to a gaming sessions, encouraging people to smile rather being all consumed by the whole idea of needing to win the game for it to be enjoyable.