Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Commission Work: "Innocence Lost" Hitlerjugend

I was commissioned by a new client to convert and paint a unique platoon of Hitler Youth for Flames of War. The client requested an "innocence lost" theme by adding childish elements and intermixing female BDM (though dressed in the same Luftwaffe coveralls) into the unit. As such, I sculpted on longer hair to about 25% of the figures to represent the female BDM figures and sculpted on knit scarves, a teddy bear, and a slingshot. I also added a large German Shepherd from the US Marine Dog Team. To instill them with fascist fervor, I added a large Hitlerjugend flag bearer and bugler alongside the adult HJ officer.

The "winter coveralls" were done per the FOW website - Luftwaffe Blue/Black 50/50 mix for the basecoat, Luftwaffe Blue for highlights, and Secret Weapon Soft Body Black Wash. Many of the figures wear the standard HJ tunic over their coveralls and this was done with Reaper Amber Gold basecoat, Amber Gold/Golden Blonde midtone, and pure Reaper Golden Blonde highlight washed with Secret Weapon Sepia wash. The leather for belts and boots are Reaper Basic Dirt basecoat, Burnt Umber highlight, and washed with Secret Weapon Soft Body Black Wash. The HJ Officers wore a slightly different uniform from the boys consisting of a darker tunic, jodhpur-style pants, and jackboots. The dog was painted using a variety of tans, browns, and orange-browns wet-blended.

As the client did not ask for basework, the bases are left plain.

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