Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, New Necromunda

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2017 was a good one and, even if it wasn't, here's to hoping your 2018 is even better. And with that new year comes a new Necromunda (if you missed it, I shared my initial thoughts upon its release here) as well as new Necromunda events for Adepticon 2018. To do so, I've enlisted the help of two veteran players to assist me - Dan and Duane - and we are enormously excited. Registration went live in November and we sold out nearly all the events within the first week! Since that time, we've been bouncing ideas back and forth and recently released the preliminary event rules to the Adepticon page linked below:

With that out of the way, I would like to quickly go over the general rules. Note that the Friendly is simply an event played for fun. It will be your chance to try out the new ruleset before competitive play, get in a few pickup games, and meet (and play!) the organizers.

The Underhive events will utilize the main tiles from the boxed game and will require the least amount of experience to play (though veterans are of course always welcome). The Gang War and By Night events will utilize fully 3D boards on 4'x4' tables and will require a basic amount of experience with the ruleset and play format.

For each event, players are given a total of 1250 credits to spend on gang creation utilizing campaign gang creation rules from the Gang War expansion(s) and the Legacy Gangs PDF. Gangs start with 5 Rep, each Leader receives a free skill, and access to Trading Post items is immediate. Hired Guns are limited to a maximum of 2 per gang (with an extra hire fee) and do not count towards the minimum number of fighters. This is done for several reasons - to give players access to better gear for the event, to widen the use of miniatures that are modeled with different weapons than those initially available, and to speed up the post-game sequence. Note that all models must be assembled, painted to a tabletop standard, and reasonably adhere to WYSIWYG (with the exception of pistols, grenades, and wargear). After all, tabletop gaming is a visual spectacle and there's no better way to get immersed in it than with fully-painted miniatures and terrain. A very important change this year is each model must have a mark on their base denoting the facing of that model for placement of the firing arc template.

Tactics cards will be regulated to generic tactics only, as many Legacy Gangs do not yet have gang-specific Tactics cards available. Additional Tactics may be included with the scenario pack, but don't bet on it. The "Street Cred" bonus objectives do reappear this year with some minor revisions, re-named to "Hive Cred".

Scenarios will have a hard time limit of 65 minutes, with 15 minutes for the post-game sequence. To make the post-game sequence quicker, gangs will not have access to turf, territories, recruitment, or the Trading Post. As such, the "Being Captured" section is disregarded but experience, injuries, and advancements function as normal. More importantly, ALL gangs have access to the Medical Escort rule from Gang War available FOR FREE, so long as there is at least one uninjured fighter in the gang. We found in past events that the loss of important fighters early on in the event could be catastrophic to the player's chances, so this gives them a second chance.

Now work begins on getting the scenarios themselves fleshed out and working on getting terrain in order....

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