Sunday, December 17, 2017

15mm Beutepanzer T-34(r)

I'm currently in the middle of doing another commission, so I decided to finished painting a single tank in a day while I waited for the primer to dry on the commission project - a PSC T-34(r) beutepanzer. This is actually a mini I had originally modeled and painted about 4 years ago that I was never really happy with, so last year I stripped it down and added the rear deck bins and a german cupola to the 76 turret. It then sat in on my painting table since last month. The biggest problem was finding the large, thin balkankreuz that were liberally applied to T-34(r) turrets to reduce the chances of friendly fire. The solution came in the Rubicon 1/56 scale Opel Blitz decal sheet, which has large numbers of them.

The mini itself is based in Tamiya Dunkelgelb, with vertical drybrushing done in 50/50 DG and pure white to mimic rainstreaks and worn edges. I then used a sponge with Testors Russian Armor Green to represent chipping of the DG down to its original color. I then used Vallejo Dark Yellow wash as a filter over the entire model, finishing out the tracks in Pavement drybrushed with steel and washed with Vallejo Dark Rust Wash. As I wanted to paint this in a day, I declined to do my usual oil washes and opted instead for some Vallejo Environmental washes around the engine deck and some dry pigment to mimic road dust.

The panzer officer on this mini is probably the best I've done in 15mm. He is basecoated in Pavement, highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Pavement/Pewter Grey, and then washed in P3 Armor Wash. Shoulderboards and piping are picked out in Tentacle Pink, and headphones in Territorial Biege. Flesh is Vallejo Basic Skin, washed with GW Flesh Wash, then highlighted again with Basic Skin.

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