Monday, October 9, 2017

Bolt Action Boards

In the interest of saving time and effort, I took an afternoon to pull all my boxes of WW2 terrain to catalogue, re-arrange, and take pictures of the setup for each in a finished state. This will help during setup of each board for local events, such as Operation Sting and Adepticon, especially if I am unable to attend. Though each of these boards has been posted here in both finished and WIP states (which I've linked to below), these pictures now represent optimum setup.

A few disclaimers: All the boards are setup and pictured without mats to make the pieces easier for me to re-arrange before photographing and to make each terrain piece more identifiable. Also, my apologies for any slightly blurry pics as I stood on a short stool to take many of them. 

There's also another board coming up before Operation Sting next month - an occupied Channel Islands/Operation Seelowe/VBCW board - but I'm working on so many different projects at the moment that it's been difficult to post WIP.

French Countryside/Normandy Bocage

Russian Steppe/Kursk Village

Burma Jungle Prison Complex

That's it for now, but the UK board is coming soon! If you are interested in playing on these boards (and you don't know me personally), I urge you to sign up for one of the aforementioned events where these boards will be present. Eventually, I would like to make it out to further events like the Michigan GT, Renegade Open, or these could make an appearance there at some point.

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