Monday, October 30, 2017

VBCW/Seelowe Terrain: Warehouse & Power Plant

Recently, I began work on yet another board to help make the rounds at Operation Sting and Adepticon. Due to having several commission pieces that were never paid for, I found myself with a glut of Sarissa European buildings and wanted to do something slightly different, so I decided to make a board that could function well for "What If?" scenarios. This board will lean heavily towards a large British town of the 1930s-40s for Very British Civil War, Operation Seelowe, or even Occupied Channel Islands battles.

First off is this rather large warehouse made from an Ertl Barn toy. It belonged to my son but, due to its modularity, constantly fell apart during playtime, which was really frustrating for my son. Not wanting to trash a perfectly good barn, I set to work making this useful for gaming. As I mentioned, the side walls come in ~5" sections that (are supposed to) snap together. I used three on each side, making the entire building about 16" long. Too keep the building from falling apart, I glued the sections together and then mounted them on a 2mm MDF base, adding some rubble around the base and putting in another 2mm MDF piece to make the interior floor level. I also cut a 1/2" MDF board to serve as a raised interior loading bay. 

Using a dremel, I cut out two windows and a side door, building them out with plasticard and some resin cast windows. The bay doors also had a tendency to fall apart on the toy, so I used an L-shape plasticard rod to make a new top bracket, helping to keep the doors on their track (and, yes - they do open and close!).

Painting this was super easy - the roof and bay doors are the same green they were molded in, I simply "primed" them with clear flat sealant and then drybrushed with a lighter green over the ribbed areas. The warehouse walls were simply primed grey and also drybrushed with a lighter grey over the ribbed areas. The base was painted a grey-tan "concrete" color with splotches of lighter grey airbrushed over that. The rubble was then airbrushed an earthen color, drybrushed in lighter tones, and then the whole warehouse was weathered with a wide array of washes.

I also made some scatter terrain (which fits neatly inside the warehouse itself during storage) by repurposing some of the crate stacks I did last year and building some lumber piles out of extra basswood I had lying around. I also repainted the Sarissa Power Plant I had painted as part of the Burma board to make it fit in with the warehouse and other planned buildings. It will be surrounded by chainlink fencing.


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That looks very nice, scenery like that is a great addition to the collection :)