Friday, September 15, 2017

Ork Shanty Town WIP

I'll start off with my usual "sorry for the lack of updates, guys" schtick. However, I have actually been working on a new terrain project! So I'm kind of vindicated in leaving the blog to languish for a few weeks while I do some work. I will say that I do post much more on the Facebook page as of late, so if you're on Facebook and you don't mind me coming up on your feed with random updates and shares, hop on over and Like the page.

With Chicago Bolt Action being set with about 3-4 tables worth of my terrain for events like Operation Sting and Adepticon, as well as just finishing a table for Frostgrave, I thought it was time to revisit the old Necromunda/40K terrain bundle for Adepticon and other local events. With that in mind, and after having played through Borderlands once again, I decided to take a crack at some non-Imperial terrain - an Ork Shanty Town. Much like my previous human shanty town (which is currently on loan to the guys over at Hyacinth Games, makers of Wreck-Age), these are based on old CDs, with walls of poster foamboard, covered in cereal cardboard with riveting added to the edges. The roofs are all corrugated cardboard (all of a corrugation is the smallest available - known as "E-type" - to fit appropriately into the 28mm scale). I'm adding gubbinz, old bitz, and parts from old toys as detailing. Each shanty is sized a little differently - some are large for Nobs, others for Boyz, and the smallest for Grotz.

Most of the unique details are finished for each of the shanties and I'm currently moving on to molding and casting repeated detail parts like Ork glyphs, windows, doors, etc. before finishing up the basework in preparation for primer and paint. Enjoy!

A group shot


NW Crew said...

Very creative. Beautiful work. /Mattias

tim said...

Wonderful! I shall have to bookmark this page to refer to for inspiration when I get to building my own! Thanks for sharing!