Friday, June 16, 2017

Commission Work: Soviet Lend-Lease Armoured Company

Here's my work on a very large commission project for Flames of War representing a Soviet Lend-Lease Armoured Company. This includes nine M3 White Scout Cars, four M4 halftracks, three BA-64 armoured cars, and sixteen (!) M4 Shermans with both 75mm and 76mm turrets. The pics don't show any .30 & .50 cal machineguns simply because they remain on the sprue during shipment to prevent breakage.

The BA-64s (being domestic AFVs) are basecoated in Testors Russian Armor Green, highlighted with a mix of 50/50 Russian Armor Green & White, then washed with GW Green Wash. Crew are painted in Vallejo Russian Uniform. One of the unique features is the White outlined wheelwells - a feature sometimes found on armoured cars in the early parts of WW2.

All the remaining Lend-Lease AFVs are basecoated in Tamiya Olive Drab, highlighted in a 50/50 mix of Tamiya Olive Drab & Olive Green, and edge highlighted with Tamiya Olive Green with a little White added, then the entire vehicle is washed with Vallejo Olive Green Wash. The Shermans were kind of a bear to paint, simply because they had part rubber, part steel tracks. All rubber (including tires) is Pavement washed with P3 Armor Wash. The Sherman command tanks each have a crew member, painted in Royal Blue with a heavy wash of P3 Armor Wash to simulate the dark blue coveralls of Soviet AFV crew.

Decals are a mix of BF and I-94. 

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