Saturday, June 17, 2017

Horrors Of The Tundra: Scenario 1

Horrors Of The Tundra A Lovecraftian Adventure for Frostgrave
Written by Jeremy Olsen
Far to the north of the ancient city of Frostgrave, in the frozen arctic expanse of Felstad, legend tells of a even more ancient city of massive cyclopean architecture built by long dead, inhuman hands. Said to house dark arcane knowledge and unimaginable terrors alike, only the most foolhardy...or possibly the most unhinged wizards seek it out, for the city lies past vast leagues of wilderness, where neither man nor beast lives.

1 - The Thing In The Woods

Your parties hear tales of a strange beast that stalks the forests outside the city, a horrifying humanoid deer with putrified flesh that tries to mimic the voices of men in the dead of night. It calls to them. It pleads to be let in to cabins or stands at the flap of tents, waiting. Those unfortunate enough to be fooled by it disappear into the inky blackness of the deep forests. And one night….it calls for you.

Set up the board as normal, but place at least 5 sections of dense woods at least 8” apart. Instead of placing treasure, place one token in each section of woods.

Special Rules

This scenario takes place on an almost moonless night. As such, when any model wishes to target another model for an effect, spell, or attack that is not in base to base contact, roll one D20. This is the distance that model can see in inches. If the target is beyond this, it cannot be targeted however, the model may choose another target it can see.

Each time a model enters one of the dense woods, roll D20 and add the number of tokens that have been flipped over. If the total is 10 or more, place the Skinwalker in that wood. If not, flip the token over and continue as normal. If there is only one token left, the Skinwalker is immediately placed in that woods.

Horns, Horrific, Magic Vulnerability

Treasure & Experience

Treasure and Experience are gained as normal, with the following additions:
  • 20 Experience for killing the Skinwalker HOWEVER that model suffers a permanent -1 to its Will value upon witnessing the true nature of the beast unless that model is Undead or a Necromancer/Witch

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