Thursday, June 15, 2017

Frostwallon Monsters - Reaper Bones Batch 1

In a further attempt to clear out my backlog of miniatures, here's another batch of monsters for the sewers of Frostwallon, this time all part of the Reaper Bones line of miniatures I picked up at Adepticon this year. These are 77016 Rats, 77187 Tiik Champion, and two 77259 Fly Demons. These are the first Bones miniatures I'e ever painted, having previously had some bad experiences with this type of plastic. On the advice of a friend, this time I primed in Vallejo Acrylic Black Primer using an airbrush and did not seal them, which seemed to do the job nicely enough. I based all these on various sizes of lasercut MDF bases and added texture using acrylic spackle and my sand/model talus basing mix.

Being generic monsters that likely won't get much table time, all of these miniatures were painted fairly quickly for me, in about the span of a week. There's a lot of drybrushing and washes to achieve quick results. The rats are painted in various shades of browns, tans, and greys (really I just grabbed whatever paint pot was closest at hand), then washed with Vallejo Grey Wash, and finally having noses/ears/tails picked out in Tentacle Pink and teeth in Antique White. The giant flies are overall Moss Green with a lot of light highlights drybrushed on, mouths and eye sockets picked out in a Moss Green/Tentacle Pink 50/50 mix, then washed with Vallejo Olive Green Wash, and finally the wings painted in Pewter Grey. The fishman I painted overall AP Wolf Grey, highlighted that with various mixes of AP Wolf Grey/Antique White. I then painted the bottom torso and fins in Moss Green and highlighted that with a 50/50 Moss Green/King's Gold. The gills, around the eye sockets and mouth, and the hands and feet were painted with a AP Wolf Grey/Tentacle Pink mix.

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