Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Team Yankee Commission: AH-1 Cobra Squadron

First off the assembly line for my large Team Yankee commission are four Battlefront AH-1 Cobras. These are really rough kits that were difficult to assemble and make them look "right". The client chose the 1st Cav Division for unit insignia.

Helicopters are basecoated in Testors Acryl Green Drab, with very subtle panel highlighting in 75% Green Drab/25% White, panel lining in GW Green Ink washes. Gunmetal/bare metal parts are Pavement, highlighted with 75% Pavement/25% Pewter Gray, washed with P3 Armor Wash. Bare steel and chipping is Testors Acryl Steel.

Decals are Battlefront. These were a MAJOR pain to put on, many would not release from the decal sheet after repeated soakings and the remainder would not properly adhere to the piece itself. I have decals that are 15+ years old that aren't that bad and BF really needs to have more QC over their decals processing.

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