Friday, December 30, 2016

Team Yankee Commission: US Armored Company

Despite a lot of setbacks, I was finally able to get around to completing my current commission. I really appreciate the patience and understanding of my client for this one, which ran almost a month over schedule.

All miniatures are BF Team Yankee. As I mentioned in my previous AH-1 post, I wasn't overly impressed with the build quality of these models. Many have gaps between parts that are easy to overlook until the miniature itself is complete and I felt like the quality of the plastic itself was very "cheap", closer to the softer plastics of companies like Zvezda. Overall though, for models primarily meant for gaming, they're pretty good and I'm sure many gamers would be perfectly fine with them.

The client asked for two schemes - the majority of the AFVs in NATO three-tone camouflage with one Abrams platoon in a two-tone REFORGER (REturn of FOrces to GERmany) camouflage scheme, both done in the style of Tacobat's excellent Bannon's Boys build. This was a big change from my usual style, especially the heavily contrasted edge chipping, but I did my best and like the end result. The REFORGER camo is interesting, as I couldn't come across any material online showing whether or not the lighter tan color was applied to the upper surfaces or not.

NATO camouflage is done in a base of Tamiya NATO Green, with airbrushed blobs of Tamiya NATO Brown and plain Black. REFORGER camouflage is done in a base of Tamiya NATO Green with larger bands of Reaper Tanned Leather (in hindsight, I should have done that in reverse - lighter color as base, darker color as blobs - to make painting easier). MGs are Pavement, drybrushed with Pewter Grey, then washed with P3 Armor Wash. Ammo boxes are done in Reaper Worn Olive with a wash of Secret Weapon Green. Rear lights are Flamenco Red and glass is Army Painter Blue.

AFV crew fatigues are a base of Reaper Olive Drab, highlighted with Reaper Worn Olive, then washed with Secret Weapon Green, with helmets done in VMC German Dark Camo Green. Mortar crew camouflage fatigues are a base of Reaper Olive Drab, highlighted with Reaper Worn Olive, with blotches of Black and VMC German Camo Dark Brown, then washed with Secret Weapon Green. Skin is VMC Light Flesh washed with Secret Weapon Flesh Wash.

Decals are BF and I-94.

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