Monday, December 19, 2016

1/48 Horten HO-347

It's been pretty crazy around my house over the past month, dealing with a lot of personal issues, so I haven't been able to maintain the blog as much as I would have liked. The good news is that I'll have a lot of new work (both personal and commission) to post over the next few weeks. So, without further ado....

This is the DUST Tactics 1/48 Horten HO-347 "Der Adler" I picked up several months ago for about $12. It's kind of a rough kit designed more for gaming than for fine scale modeling but I love the overall aesthetic of the plane. It's very much in keeping with German Luftwaffe plane designs while also incorporating more "high-tech" Dieselpunk ideas.

Oddly, the DUST models all come pre-primed with decals, but I had to do a lot of work at removing mold lines and eliminating odd pieces (there's a "hook" on the upper fuselage, almost like for a child who wanted to hand it from the ceiling...), that I simply re-primed the entire piece. This was my first attempt at doing soft-edged Luftwaffe upper/lower painting and winter "squiggle" camouflage. Upper fuselage is done in a base of Testors Acryl Russian Armor Green with panel highlights of Testors Acryl Lightgrun. The lower fuselage basecolor (and squiggles) are Reaper Ghost Grey, lower fuselage is highlighted with pure white. Gunmetal/rockets are Pavement with VGC Scarlet Red warheads, panel lining in Secret Weapon Sewer Water wash, and chipping with Testors Acryl Steel.

Decals are from a variety of old, OLD aircraft decal sheets, so over 15 years old! Never throw away old decals unless they go bad.

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