Friday, October 2, 2015

Display Board Carrying Case

After a long delay in posting due to work around the new house and some health issues, I'm back with preparations for Operation Sting. Over the post several years and numerous multiple tournaments, I've come to realize that I need a better option for a display board. Board made from picture frames lack stability and storage. Storage bins converted to use of display boards lack the visual appeal of a proper display board. Enter the display board carrying case.

I started with a bin the came with some of my son's wooden train sets. This was a basic plywood box with a Plexiglas top that pulled out of one side. I removed the Plexiglas and sanded the plywood to remove the poly coating, I then stained the wood with two coats of a medium brown tone wood stain. I considered sealing it with poly but a like the aged wood look, as it will be useful for both historical and sci-fi miniatures.

I then picked up two aged brass drawer handles, drilled holes on the sides and secured the handles. I also used my dremel to make a small beveled insert under the opening side of the box - this will provide an easy way to grab the board and pull it out. I then used a small piece of plywood to divide the interior of the box into two sections - one to hold minis, and one to hold dice, rulers, and tokens. I took two sheets of magnetic paper and glued them to the bottom of the mini storage area. As I base with washers, this means that minis won't rattle around too much of handles carefully. I lined the interior with 1/4" foam for protection.

The display board is simply 3mm MDF built up and textured to match my Italians at Malta army. The nice part is the display board can be swapped out with another. I'm really pleased with the end result and hope it holds up to regular gaming!


LuckGod said...

Looks really nice, fits the minis great which is just what you want

Phil said...

Nice, very very nice!

Herbert West said...

Cracking idea, fits the minis and well made. Practical and stylish :)

Russ justice said...

Very cool, it looks really good