Monday, July 20, 2015

Repainted Lledo Days Gone By Vehicles

As I move further into 28mm WW2 and SCW, I've been on the lookout for suitable cars and trucks. These are all from Lledo's "Days Gone" collection that I bought as a lot for about $15 shipped. They were all unboxed and in rough shape, so I gave them a quick bath in Simple Green (just to remove the accumulated dust and grime) and removed the broken pieces. I then primed and painted them.

I added a WG Italian Para and BTD Italian Blackshirt for scale comparison. Some are a little out of scale, but great for the price!

The bus is probably my favorite. I wanted it to look like an ad hoc troop transport for use with my SCW militias and WW2 Hungarians, so I gave it tan and red livery, some new decals, and then a pin dot oil weathering and finished it with some broken windows.

The car is my favorite. It required extensive masking for the two-tone body , masking for the soft-top and luggage rack, and a new windshield. It's perfectly sized for the staff car of a higher officer and his ADCs.

The fire truck was originally bright yellow, so I repainted it olive drab and added some old US 15mm decals. Unfortunately, there was no way to shove a windshield in, unless I drilled out the chassis rivets and removed the body entirely, so I just left it without. This is the only vehicle that's slightly underscale, but would probably be perfect for undersize 28mm figures or 25mm.

Last is the "woody" station wagon. Another vehicle originally painted a garish yellow, I repainted the whole thing light green, handpainted the wood paneling, and added a Russian slogan to the sides - perfectly suited for a Communist vehicle in SCW or the Eastern Front. This is the only vehicle that is slightly overscale.


Pawn Cocktail said...

Lush work on all of those - great stuff for adding some flavour to the tabletop.

dan pollert said...

great post. just remember that those puppies volunteered for Uncle Joe Stalin for the defense of the mother land of Russia. They did their Patriotic duty. great pictures and I like the easy to carry display board.