Thursday, March 5, 2015

Road to Adepticon 2015: Saga Baggage Train

So I resolved this year to play in at least one tournament where I already had completed armies and the Saga Grand Melee fit that bill nicely. I already have 6 points worth of completed Viking and Norman forces ready to go and, since the Grand Melee takes place over two days, I'll probably be running both this year.

Unfortunately, the painting gods really do have it out for me and I found out this past weekend I'd have to bring a completed baggage train for the tournament! As such, I quickly threw together a suitable model. I cut each 2"x2" base from 2mm MDF. Most of these figures are an old GW Bretonnian Trebuchet crew I'd saved in the bitz box for several years now. The little girl is from Hasslefree and the sitting dog is from a Lionel O Gauge switch tower kit. The hand cart is made entirely from plasticard and the bags are sculpted from Milliput.

This baggage train is meant to represent miners returning to the smelter with some precious gold ore. Enjoy!


Pawn Cocktail said...

Great pieces, with really nice details.

Herbert West said...

Lovely work.