Friday, April 11, 2014

Saga Normans

Finally able to post pics of my 99% complete 6 points worth of Saga Normans (there is still a little touchup work I need to do here and there). Unfortunately, I didn't win Best Painted for these at Adepticon, but only because I won the Death Dealer award instead (most enemy Warlords slain). 

I tried limiting my color palette to autumnal colors - browns, greens, reds, yellows, & oranges - and, while I'm satisfied with the results, I think the plain red I chose was too vibrant in relation to the other colors. Shield designs are drawn on with Micron Pigma pens, then filled by painting, and thoroughly sealed (since the pen ink is semi-permanent).

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. I believe I need to buy a new camera soon as my current one won't properly focus up close.

Mounted Hearthguard w/ Lances

Mounted Hearthguard w/ Swords & Warlord (on the black stallion)

Hearthguard w/ War Banner

Warriors w/ Spears

Warriors w/ Crossbows


racm32 said...

I must say that they are all beautifully painted. I am converting my SAGA Normans from Plastic to Metal.
My concern for your force is the two units of dismounted warriors as they will get 0 bonuses from your battle board. Thats why I put one units of warriors as mounted.

Admiral Drax said...

These look smashing! If [read "when"!] I get into Saga, this i just the sort of force I'd like.

Quite literally aspirational stuff - thanks!

- D