Monday, March 16, 2015

Italians @ Malta, 1942 - Lanciafiamme Compact Complete!

Finally got my airbrush up and running this past weekend and was able to complete the Lanciafiamme tankette/objective marker. The camouflage pattern is actually a copy of the allied "Malta Camouflage" painted on British Matildas stationed on the island. The pattern itself is made to help the AFV blend in with the irregular stone walls throughout Malta. 

While I wanted to copy the pattern, I wanted colors that looked distinctly "Axis". Originally I had planned to use a base of DAK Sandgelb but felt the tan got "washed out" by the German Camouflage Green. As such, I went with the color of many of the German weapons the Italian Airborne miniatures are armed with - German Dunkelgelb. I think the yellow tinge really makes the tank "pop" without looking garish. 

I debated whether or not to add some markings but decided against it. Italian tanks didn't have much in the way of markings except for the unit designation "flags" on the side, so this doesn't look too odd. I also decided to use a very light weathering, since this tank is supposed to look freshly air-dropped.

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