Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Italians @ Malta, 1942: PIP Gruppo Da Sbarco

Just wanted t share my almost complete MVSN Gruppo Da Sbarco squad. 

The Battaglione Gruppo Da Sbarco were a specially-trained amphibious assault Blackshirt regiment raised for the Invasion of Malta. After the cancellation of Operation Herkules, Da Sbarco was split in two groups - one taking part in the bloodless seizure of Corsica and the other being stationed on the southern French coast. The Corsican Group eventually joined the Allies, while the French Group battled partisans alongside the German Brandenburgers.

I used a color plate from Osprey's Italian Army & Elite Special Units 1940-43 as inspiration for painting these figures. I started with a base coat of Vallejo 50% Green Grey and 50% Brown Violet, working up successive highlights with more Green Grey. I then gave the uniform a black wash. Webbing and boots are Reaper Muddy Soil. The khaki rifle slings and satchel charges are a mixture of Territorial Beige and Amber Gold. 

I tried painting on the small Gruppo patch on each left arm. I'm debating whether or not to paint the MVSN logo on the helmets - it's very intricate and very small. Otherwise, these guys are ready for sealant and groundwork.

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styx said...

Very Nice! Who makes them? What scale?