Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Italians @ Malta, 1942: GDS & Airborne Weapons Teams

I'm pleased to have finally finished a unit (and two weapons teams) in their entirety in time to share them before Adepticon this week. First is the now complete CCNN Gruppo De Sbarco - the amphibious assault arm of the Blackshirts. Like my BTD Vikings and Normans, I have a good time painting these guys, especially the faces. This is also the first time I've successfully painted the "5 o'clock shadow", which looks especially good on the NCO (the mini of the far right of the pics below). Unfortunately, though I tried my hardest, I could not paint the unique GDS Fascio stencil on the helmets. A shame really because it's such a unique helmet symbol, vaguely reminiscent of the Finnish Jaakari white skull.

These are my favorite Warlord Italian Airborne minis - the flamethrower and sniper teams. The flamethrower trooper wields the durable Lanciafiamme d'Assalto Mod.41 (a flamethrower that saw service in the Italian army well into the 1990s!) and his assistant carries a Carcano M91 carbine. The sniper wields a Carcano M91 rifle with telescopic sight (if you've ever played the video game Sniper Elite, this is actually my favorite weapon in-game) and the spotter is actually from the Breda MMG team blister.

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