Saturday, January 17, 2015

More North Africa Terrain

A small addition to my earlier North African terrain, this time a small mosque and a walled courtyard. The mosque is available on Ebay from haldanecreations. It's a nice little mosque and I certainly appreciated the 3 interchangeable large roofs (pictured below is the intact dome and damaged dome, the plain flat roof is not pictured), but it's on the small side. There's only enough room inside the main building for 1 medium FOW base or 2 small FOW bases; the annex interior is too small to fit even a small FOW base. Had the building been at least 1/2" wider and deeper, there would be more than enough room.

The walled courtyard was made from MDF offcuts of the city bases I'm working on. I wanted something "different" from typical adobe house/mosque/bir town terrain in 15mm. The corner planted are plasticard tubing filled with sand and the fountain is made from a hex base, plasticard, and topped with the road wheel from a Panther tank!

It's a little plain for my liking but will breakup the monotony of the desert terrain and provide good linear obstacles for units to fight over. If I do another, I'll make a couple sunken earth sections and "plant" some palm trees and low shrubs.

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