Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yugoslavian House Conversion

So I'm sure the first question is "why Yugoslavia?"....and the simple answer is because it was an easy conversion. Crescent Root's (now out of production) resin buildings were the first 15mm buildings I had purchased years ago and, while they're nice, straight out of the box they're rather odd-looking - as if they don't really fit any particular nation or architectural style. Looking to convert them and knowing I didn't have any northern Mediterranean terrain as of yet, I briefly considered entirely eliminating the stock roofs and re-doing them as typical hip-roofed Italian houses....which would have been time consuming.

So I looked at traditional architecture of other nations and here it is...the traditional house in the Balkans, particularly the Dalmation Coast. It still has the high-pitched roof like the CR buildings, but with the Mediterranean styles of Spanish roof tiles and stone walls, sometimes with a stucco overlay. 

Here's a pic of the buildings before conversion, which turned out to be fairly simple. I sculpted on spanish tile roofing using Milliput with a plasticard tube and then added window shutters made out of plasticard. 

Here they are complete and ready for the 1939 Balkans Campaign! Enjoy!

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