Thursday, August 21, 2014

15mm North Africa Terrain

I was lucky enough to find the awesome, sadly out of production, Crescent Root Studios "Adobe" buildings on Evilbay a few weeks back. I really liked this series - they had an awesome texture to the "stucco" finish and the cracks really show well when sponge painted. To match the CR buildings, I repainted the FOW Small Desert Buildings I already had to match.

Unfortunately, that still wasn't a very big village, so I scratchbuilt a few burnt and shelled buildings from 2mm MDF. After assembling I added the uncovered brick texture using my Dremel cutter tool and used layers of plaster and gesso for the "stuccoed" portions. While they aren't perfect, they match well with the other buildings from afar.

While using Google to search for paint colors, I came across some inspirational pics - a few showing cactus "hedges" in Libya and Tunisia and another showing the Air Raid sign just outside Tobruk. For the hedges, I used popsicle sticks for the base, some large gravel for boulders (and to add weight), and Pegasus Hobbies Small Cactus set. The Air Raid sign was made from basswood.


Pawn Cocktail said...

Great work, a very nice set of buildings.

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Lovely terrain: the buildings are really nice and the cactus hedges a great idea.