Monday, December 2, 2013

Wreck-Age Terrain Product Concepts

So first, Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I for one had a very busy weekend and, amongst being thankful for my family and home, I was also very happy to avoid getting punched out by an angry customer at my job during the holiday shopping rush. In any case...

I meant to get these shots and info up this weekend but - due to several issues (including the one above) - I didn't have a chance to. For a few months now I've been working on several post-apocalypse themed terrain concepts for the Wreck-Age miniatures game. I was originally slated to design several shanty kits based on my own prior Shanty Town board and it was difficult to design good shanties that would both look realistic and be fairly easy to cast. My brain works in weird ways though and when I hit a block in designing I have a tendency to go off on tangents. I thought to myself, "What about designing some basic shanties as well as additional terrain pieces that could be combined to add a measure of modular uniqueness?"....which is how the following was got started.

Most of these are conceptual and may not be produced but, as we work out the kinks, expect to see many of the following available for purchase, hopefully by early 2014. And this isn't all, I'm working on a couple more shanties, possibly some market stands, some additional add-on pieces, as well as a solar collector. Stay tuned!

Everything is pictured with a Wreck-Age Drifter Chieftain for scale. These also need some gap filling work.

Wind Turbine kit (the base is flaired and armored to protect against demolition)


Wind Turbine Kit Pieces

Container-style Shanty

Removable Roof detail

Shanty add-ons (or stand alone pieces)
Left to right: Biodiesel generator, Vending machine (a nod to 2K Games' FPS shooters), Outhouse

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