Monday, September 2, 2013

Quar Mercenaries: WIP "Afanc" Superheavy Assault Gun

To start off my Quar Mercenary force for 15mm Sci-Fi gaming, I thought I'd share pics of the massive Super-heavy Assault Gun I converted from a 1/76 Airfix WW1 British "Male" tank. The kit itself was cheap ($10 shipped) and is actually pretty well scaled to 15mm (the 2 upper hatches and the rear hatch are both stock). 

For my Quar, I wanted a low-tech durable look, without being too primitive so I removed the sponson guns and rear carriage wheels, reconfigured the entire glacis plate to be sloped at a lower angle (as well as adding he massive 220mm gun barrel made from a flight stand and plasticard), added two mufflers from plasticard, a turbine exhaust fan and smoke launchers from the PSC Panther G kit, and a communcations array from plasticard and guitar string.

I added one of the based Quar infantry for scale. The Quar are pretty short next to a 15mm human but the "Afanc" is still pretty intimidating at over an inch tall and 4 inches long. Next up are two FOW TOG tanks I plan to convert to "Twrch Trwyth" Heavy IFVs. Enjoy!


Dan said...

That's a nice variant, I might steal that idea for my Death Korp of Krieg army.

Mark-Paul Severn said...

just a thought... you might consider adding a v-shaped holder for a gun, something similar to WW2 Elephant. the shee weigth and size of the barrel would ask for it.

Anonymous said...

Interessing, what rules are used for 15mm SIFI?