Thursday, August 15, 2013

Late War 8-rads

Last but not least, here's the 8-wheeled Panzerspah Platoon to finish off my FOW Panzerspah Company. While I like the vehicle, this is the older BF model and its a real bear to assemble. By the time I was done gluing on each individual wheel (32 in all!), the fun had worn off. Oh well, that's another company finished (my 3rd complete company this year - a new record!).



Dai said...

Another fine looking platoon.

What's next?

Ancientsociety said...

Working on 3 very Late War StuG IIIs, an Early War StuG A Platoon, and a Hungarian Pz IV G Platoon.

Then I'm done working on German AFVs for a long while (burnt out on Panzer Grey and Dunkelgelb) until I decide to go nuts with Afrika Korps.

Next month it'll be 15mm Sci-Fi and some terrain sculpts I'm working on for commission.