Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quar Mercenaries: WIP "Henwen" Assault Gun

After cleaning out the last of my 15mm WW2 stuff, I came across an old Axis and Allies Italian M13/40 that was lacking a turret. Being suitably odd-looking, I pressed it into service with my Quar Mercs.

Using odd PSC parts I had left over, I added the StuG Gbarrel housing , StuH42 heavy barrel, some stowage, Panther side skirts, and a Panther hatch. I made the casemate top and twin-MG turret from plasticard and the muffler from the 1/76 Airfix Male tank.

1 comment:

Kull said...

the "saukopf"-ed gun is rather iconic and partially defeaths the nice job you made finding a quasi-obscure tank hull and furtherly 'disguising' it with side skirts and the MG-turret,

I don't want to sound dismissive, I think your efforts would shine more if you substitute the StuG-gun with another less recognizable one,