Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Farewell to 2011 With A Bang!

 Another year older and a new one's just let's ring it in with some Heavy Gear Arena Duelists!

I managed to pick up a Northern Dingo and decided to convert him into a duelist. I removed the parachute packs on its torso, constructed new armored skirts for the upper legs, and added a crash bar to the V-engine. It's armed with a Snub Cannon and Heavy Spike Gun for some intense close combat action! This is arguably one of my favorite Gears as it seems right out of the Front Mission video games...

Next up is a Basilisk. I added a giant fighting staff made from copper tubing and a buckler to the right arm. Also, I sanded down its Light Rocket Pod to change it to a Medium Rocket Pod.

Last, an unbased Copperhead. The only conversion here was mounting the Light Rocket Pod vertically on the right shoulder and adding a Spike Gun to the right forearm.

Now on to painting in 2012!

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