Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Bizarre Bazaar

I threw together a small marketplace in a few days this past weekend. I was inspired by Nevermore's thread on Lead Adventure on how to make simple market stalls from matchsticks and foamboard. The tutorial is really simple and the only changes I made were adding a second crossbrace to the end pieces and using pre-printed fabrics on the roofs.

I used some charms as small sculptures, rolls of fabric, some dollhouse cutlery and dishes, and various weapons to round out the goods offered.

The sack stacks are made from oven-baked clay. I just rolled out a length, cut small pieces and tapered the edges before building up the stack and using a piece of canvas to add texture to the surface of the stacks. 30 minutes of bake time and 30 minutes of drybrushing and a wash and viola! - instant sacks!

1 comment:

Deadestdai said...

VERY cool!

Such great attention to detail and authentic design.