Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Terrain WIP - Shanty Town

In a fit of despair over The Great Recession, I decided to whip up a "few" simple shanties....this, like most things I undertake, devolved into an entire town of 17 shanties! Most everything here is super cheap or made from re-purposed materials - in keeping with the spirit of real-life shanties.

The bases are all used CDs, while the walls are made from foamboard (which I got free!) and covered with imitation corrugated sheeting made from packing boxes. "Lumber" was from an old basswood sheet I roughly snapped into pieces or from coffee shop stirrers (note: Starbucks and Caribou coffee have excellent wooden stirrers - much tougher than balsa/basswood, sized correctly for 25/28mm, and free). I tried adding some interesting bits and pieces to the groundwork as well.

Right now they lack windows, doors, roofing, and stovepipes but you get the general idea. The nice part is about this set is 75% of it can be used in various genres - Pulp, modern, or Post-Apocalypse settings.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Andy said...

Inspirational! I'll be adding this post to my book marks to remind me to have a go at something similar if I ever get the time :-)

Spacejacker said...

Very nice. I got a big set of GZG's 15mm shanties, but will be supplementing them with exactly this sort of inexpensive scrtachbuilding. Bravo!