Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just 15 (scale) Miles to the...LOVE SHACK!

I'm finally finished with work on the shanty town and wanted to post pics of the finished pieces before painting and small details. I mentioned how they were built in my previous post so I won't re-hash that here.

I will say that the doors are made with cardstock and plasticard. The corrugated roofs are corrugated plasticard - a departure from the siding so I could cut away at the edges and make them look rusted out. Shanties with cardstock roofs will have sandpaper glued on top of them to simulate tar paper.

Shanties built from pieces of cement buildings had acrylic modeling paste added to edges and smeared on surfaces to simulate rough cement pouring. I'm debating whether or not to add rebar to the edges of the cement walls before painting...

At this point, everything's done and they've had a coat of clear satin sealant added to ensure the sand remains on the base. Once the weather gets dryer again here in Chicago, I'll begin priming and painting, as well as adding small final details. Enjoy!

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