Sunday, November 6, 2011

Necromunda Terrain

A small sampling of some of my Necromunda terrain, I had actually assembled these two pieces last year but never got around to painting them. With 10+ tables to fill for this year's Adepticon however, I really needed to get on the ball. I laid down basecoats and some large-pattern weathering with an airbrush. Everything else though is simply drybrushing with a few details picked out on each piece.

Mine Head (this is my wife's favorite piece)

Refining Tower

A lot of the current crop of terrain was re-purposed from my original set and it's interesting to look back on my Eastern Fringe thread and remember what these once were...


Spacejacker said...

Beautiful stuff, back in the day mine was mainly cardboard from the set. Inspiring work!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I dig it-- especially the bloody well! I look forward to checking it out live at Adepticon this year.