Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Necromunda By Night" sells out in 3 days!

I did something radical for next year's Adepticon and changed the time to an evening tournament on Saturday night. In discussions with players over the past three years, it seemed like there was some conflict between Necromunda and 40K, so this was an attempt to smooth things over a bit.

...And I can't say I'm disappointed! It's been only 3 days since the Adepticon 2012 registration site went live and we've already sold out the first block of tickets! But, don't fret...another second block of tickets is going live today, so there's still a chance to come join the fun.

Now, if this second block sells out, there may not be more room, as terrain considerations have to be taken into account after the first 10 tables. That doesn't mean a third block becoming available is an impossibility, just that the Adepticon staff and I will have to make a review of the space and terrain constraints, while having a wait list set up.

So, if you're interested in playing, you may want to sign up ASAP!

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