Monday, October 31, 2011

Heavy Gear Leagueless Army WIP

Well, it's taken me several weeks but I'm finally finished assembling my Heavy Gear Leagueless army - the Terra Nova Liberation Front, a group of political refugees and anarchists bent on eliminating the tyranny of the Polar Leagues.

Note that their V-Engines aren't on yet, as I'll be painting those separately.

The Army Commander Kodiak

The Army Commander Support Group - 2x Badlands Pythons with scratchbuilt MRPs, a Wild Ferret, and a Crusader IV.

The Recon Group - Pitbull, Wild Ferret, Chieftain, Silverscale, Pitbull

The Standard "Assault" Group - Jager with MBZK (there's some Gundam inspiration here), Spitting Cobra with VHAC, Flame Jager. Black Adder with linked MRPs, and a Dartjager.

Some of these were just a bear to assemble (bad mold lines, heavy pitting, etc) and some were a breeze (notably the Crusader IV, which required about 5 mins of filing). I could have easily contacted DP9 about some of the really bad pieces but, I do like a challenge!

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