Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sadly Relevant - Harry Coover R.I.P.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Harry Coover, age 94, has passed away due to heart failure.

How does this relate to gaming? Mr. Coover was the inventor of Super Glue.
It's discovery is tangentially related to wargaming, as well:

In 1942, as a chemist with Eastman Kodak, Dr. Coover was tasked with developing a plastic rifle sight for use in World War II. One of the compounds he tested, cyanoacrylate, was in­cred­ibly durable but had one annoying drawback.

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Lowelife101 said...

I heard this guy talking on the radio not long a go, it was the aniversary of his invention :D

Well may he rest in piece and be remembered as one of the greats.