Saturday, March 26, 2011

Road To Adepticon: The Malifaux & Co. Puppet Show

Well, I finished my Malifaux crew last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I was then informed that the Malifaux Adepticon tournament would not accept proxy miniatures! So, I now have al day Saturday free...and it looks like I'll be entering this in the painting competition.

Collodi's Marionettes - these are TOR Gaming's 'Britanan Troopers' and carry over Collodi's general appearance and uniform colors. While I really like these minis, pinning their tiny wooden legs to the display bases was an absolute nightmare. You can tell, by looking closely, exactly where I punched through the leg and had to repair it with CA glue (as the mini was already painted).

The Wicked Dolls - Again, these minis are from TOR Gaming, the 'Britanan Grenadiers'. While they suffer from the Troopers brittle legs, they were a little easier to assemble. Since I wanted these dolls to be easily distinguishable from the Marionettes on the tabletop, they are painted in a bright orange color which, unfortunately, pictures can't do justice to. Out of all the models in this crew, these little guys are my favorites.

Insidious Madness - this proxy mini began life as a D&D pre-paint, I then used it in the 1st Adepticon Necromunda tournament as one of the "monsters" in the 'It Came From The Sump' scenario, and finally it ends here. I cut off the integral base, scraped off what little paint there was (the mini is actually clear, which makes it perfect for a ghost), then repainted the 3 tongues and teeth. After a coat of gloss varnish, it was done.

And, one final behind-the-scenes shot! Enjoy!

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Tylermenz said...

That really sucks, maybe you can still get some games in for fun. I would hate to do all the work and then not be able to play.